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Advertise your Stallion


STARS, the USTA's online stallion guide, promotes your most important commodity and provides daily updates - a feat impossible with print versions and unavailable in other online versions. For example, if your stallion has a performer that won a race yesterday, the information will be available in your stallion's STARS listing today. Timely and accurate information utilizing the extensive USTA breeding and racing database automatically updates your stallion's statistics, including the year's Leading Money Winners and Fastest Performers, Crosses of Gold, and Hypothetical Matings.

With STARS you can:

  • Advertise your stallion all year and easily promote his offspring's racing accomplishments during the busy summer season.
  • Make your stallion conveniently available through online searches when mare owners are looking for stallions - 24 hours a day.
  • View FREE Pathway-based reports and yearling sales results for advertised stallions.
  • View hypothetical mating reports for all stallions listed on STARS. Enter any mare to see the pedigree of the resulting foal if she were mated to that particular stallion. Common ancestors are color-coded and a numerical notation is also shown.

Web Site Statistics:

The US Trotting Association Web site is the Standardbred industry's leading Web resource for news and information on harness racing. With an average of over nine million page views per month, www.ustrotting.com is by far the most popular Standardbred destination on the internet.

Imagine the number of potential breeders who will be looking at your stallion - and they can access the information anytime, anywhere.

Advertising Rates:

All stallion ads are for one-year contracts. When you list your stallion, you have the opportunity to provide us with a photo of your stallion, as well as a direct link to your Web site - we take care of the rest. You don't have to worry about constantly updating information on top performers, or races that your stallion's progeny have won - we manage the account for you.

Packages are available when you combine the power of STARS with Hoof Beats, North America's number one monthly harness racing magazine. You can get a 30% discount on both the print ad and the STARS listing when you sign up for a one-year listing on STARS and get a full page, 4C stallion ad in the magazine.

STARS Rates 1 stallion 2-5 stallions 6+ stallions
STARS only $1,100.00 $1,000.00/stallion $900.00/stallion
STARS + ad in Hoof Beats $1,700.00 $1,600.00/stallion $1,500.00/stallion

Contact us today for details and make your stallion a star!

Heather Cason