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Stallion Search Tutorial

With STARS, you make the decision to search for the stallions that you want. You can choose from among the many prominent stallions advertised in STARS.

For example, if you already know the stallion for which you're seeking current performance data, simply search for that his name among the participating stallion listed in the Stallion Name drop-down.

If you wish to learn more about other participating STARS stallions, you can explore the list in the Stallion Name drop-down and select those that interest you.

If you're interested in searching for stallions using different criteria, it's easy with STARS. For example, if you're looking for stallions in New Jersey, simply select that option from the State/Province drop-down and the participating stallions will be listed.

If you're searching for all the stallions standing at a certain farm, you can find them easily by using the Standing At drop-down.

If you're looking only for trotting stallions, and don't want to limit your search to a specific state or farm, simply designate trotters in the Gait drop-down and all the participating trotting stallions will be listed.

The Stud Fee drop-down gives you a chance to explore participating stallions in various stud fee ranges.

The Sire of Stallion drop-down allows you to look for sons of a particular stallion. For example, if you want to breed to a son of Artsplace, you can enter his name into the Sire Of Stallion menu and get a list of all participating stallions sired by Artsplace.

Multiple search functions: You can enter more than one value in the drop-down boxes to refine your choices. For example, if you want to find sons of Western Hanover standing in Pennsylvania, you can enter Western Hanover in the Sire of Stallion drop-down and Pennsylvania in the State/Province drop-down and you will get a list of participating stallions in Pennsylvania who are sons of Western Hanover.

Explore STARS. It's free for you to use as often as you wish. You'll soon become familiar with its search functions. STARS is very user-friendly and it provides you with a comprehensive array of information that can be both extremely valuable and interesting.

Note: Some of the links in STARS will take you to PATHWAY, the key to the USTA's database. Accessing the PATHWAY links requires a subscription. For more information, visit the PATHWAY home page.